Ten Lei Saffron – Mua 1 Tặng 1 🎁


Mua 1 Tặng 1 (Buy 1 Get 1 Free) 🎁

  • 【5 Grams Per Box – SUPER NEGIN】- Super Negin Grade Saffron is the world’s most desired and expensive spice.
  • 【100% PURE AND FRESH】- Ten Lei Super Negin is harvested by hand and packaged in food-safe tins for maximizing the freshness and shelf life. Completely natural and does not contain any forms of artificial preservatives.
  • 【ENHANCE ANY RECIPES】- Ten Lei Saffron can be used to add amazing taste, color, and flavor to any dish. Our saffron is perfect for Tea, Paella, Pasta, Lamb Tagine, Chicken Tagine, Biryanis, Moussaka, Risottos, Chicken kebab, Saffron Aioli, Puddings, Rice, Curries, Stews, Casseroles, Cakes, and any other recipes.
  • 【COMMONLY USED】- It is commonly used in baking and cooking.
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