Ten Lei Yến Birds Nest Mask 5C Aqua – Mua 30 Hộp Tặng 5 Hộp 🎁


*Mua 30 Hộp Tặng 5
(Buy 30 get 5 Free)

  • Rich in Resilience essence – swiftlet nest extract and minerals, this mask can solve dull, uneven skin tone problems with shin brightening effect. In addition, this mask can also provide long lasting deep hydrating effects to over dry skin and can thus provide you a more radiant, elastic, and firmer skin.
  • Featherlight Invisible Skin Rejuvenating Silk Mask – A special thin tissue fitting the face perfectly to make essence completely absorbed by the skin. The 0.12 mm ultra-sheer filled with essence, make the most comfortable skincare to make skin look younger and more luminous.
    Product Comes In 30 Boxes of 5 Count.
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