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Edible birds nest are truly a blessing from Swiflet’s.  Birds nest have been around for centuries and regarded as a highly luxurious and nutritious food supplement.  It was once considered food only for Chinese royalty and so it was believed that only royalty and wealthy individuals are able to consume birds nest.

In 2007,  Ten Lei Yen was established to bridged the gap and dispel this myth.  With over a decade of experience as the largest retail edible birds nest company in the country.  Our main focus have always been devoted to delivering the highest quality of dried edible birds nest products while covering all price ranges and tastes profiles.  Ten Lei Yen exclusive labeled edible birds nest reflects our keen desire in providing our customers the finest edible birds nest.   As a result, our customers have been able to purchase at a fraction of what other competing brands are offering therefore we believe its a win-win for everyone.

Over the years,  we have expanded our focus to providing highest quality birds nest while cutting out the middle man distribution in order to bring wonderful birds nest all over the country at a much lower price.  Pride is taken in each step of the process from visiting with  exclusive birds nest harvesters to working hands on with cleaning facilities dedicated to us in Indonesia.   Many jobs were created as a result of our continuous efforts to bring our products to the mainstream consumers, in turn it has provided a better quality of life for our employees living in the rural towns through out Indonesia.

Genuine Product Guarantee

Only genuine edible birds nest products are sold in our flagship store and on our website.  We work directly with birds nest harvesters all over Indonesia to ensure product authenticity and we stand 100% behind the products that we sell.  If you’re not buying your nest from Ten Lei Yen, authenticity and quality should be your number one concern.  Our clients have said the quality of our birds nest would be fitting for an emperor and we concur.

Our exclusive edible birds nest products are the perfect gift for your health or for that special someone in your life.  Ten Lei Yen is your reliable source for healthy living.

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